Dabang Band / 다방 밴드  … just another indie band from South Korea…


I’ve made an effort to post some photo galleries from various gigs and so on here. If you have more photos or media to add to this archive, please contact me (by any of the means available here) and I’ll happily add it and credit you.

So far, the photo galleries I’ve uploaded are as follows:

  • Before the Beginning: Photos leading up to the formation of the band in its most well-known configuration in February 2002.
  • Live!: Shots from various live shows over the years.
  • A Gig With Plastic People, 2003: Shots from a single gig we played with the wonderful folk-rock duo (and our good friends) Plastic People back in 2003.
  • In the Studio: Shots from our time in the studio.
  • Wanderings: Photographs from various trips we made over the years, both business and pleasure, all over the Korean peninsula.
  • Promo Materials: posters, album covers, handbills, and other materials documenting several years of gigging and recording.
  • Misc: Photos that didn’t seem to fit anywhere else.

Since we’re not active anymore, probably I’ll add any new photos I receive or find to these existing galleries, instead of adding photos to new ones. I may, however, add a collection of shots of other bands we played with over the years, once I get around to sorting through my own photo archives later this year…

Until then, enjoy!

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