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John Scott Interview, Summer 2003

April 4, 2015 | Memories & Events | Permalink

From the depths of an old hard drive, comes an interview amateur videographer John Scott did with us in the spring or summer of 2003. (The file is datestamped June 2003.) I figured I’d put it on Youtube rather than let it moulder in obscurity:

The video includes a little live footage from a show at Led Zeppelin, and I think the interview footage itself was shot at the Cavare recording studio in Seoul, while we were working on our second album, Product.

Park Geunhong’s Indie World: Someone Remembers

August 12, 2014 | Memories & Events | Permalink

It’s nice to know someone out there remembers:

I’m not sure Park Geunhong is, but he seems to be the cohost of an indie music program on Korean radio. Anyway, he mentioned Dabang Band on his show back in February 2014.

He has some of his details mixed up, which isn’t surprising after so much time has passed, though there was plenty of misinformation at the time, too. Anyway, he seems to think I’m a Canadian “from the States”; he correctly remembers that Thai was from the States, and Sung Hwan was from Jeonju, but doesn’t mention that Myoung Jae is from Australia.

He mentions that the band made three albums, and then disbanded just as it was starting to get well-known. He also talks a lot about the novelty of a saxophone in a rock band, which wasn’t very common then, though expanded instrumentation has become much more common in Korean indie music during in the years since.

The discussion finishes with the song “Green Leaves,” from the album Product, which for me is interesting since it’s the only track where any of my flute doubling ended up in the final mix.

A Work in Progress

October 29, 2013 | Uncategorized | Permalink

This site is a work in progress, very obviously. When I told the others I wanted to quit the band, our singer/guitarist/songwriter Myoung Jae commented that it was a bit like breaking up with a girlfriend, when, even if you know it wasn’t working out, it was hard. It’s a bit like that, I suppose, but likewise once one is past the emotional stuff, one looks back fondly on that phase of one’s life.


So I think of this site not as a shrine to a fallen group, but as a memorial of an experience that we shared for several years, not just with one another, but with a whole bunch of people in South Korea. On a personal level, I also think of it as of a certain stage in my own life (and the lives of the other members).  That stage is definitely over, and perhaps ended less ceremoniously than it could or should have, but now I think back to mostly fond memories, and feel like it would be nice to have a place to put those memories, so that others can share their memories.

Camera Roll-3615

I still have some stuff to add, and of course it’s not a complete archive. Anyone out there who has any photos that aren’t in the archive is welcome to sent them in to me. Bootlegs, other photos, memories, comments, testimonials… all welcome. Contact me with whatever you want to contribute, and I’ll do my best to add it here.