Dabang Band / 다방 밴드  … just another indie band from South Korea…

Pig Over Seoul (2002)

Dabang Band: Pig Over Seoul (2002)

Pig Over Seoul album cover image

This is Dabang Band’s first album, recorded and produced in 2002 (and released in the fall of 2002) at the (oddly named) Seoul Studio in… Jeonju City, South Korea. (Just six months after the band’s then-current personnel had come together.)

This album is no longer available in traditional media… apparently the CDs all sold out, so it’s available here as a free download. Check out the sampler below and download if you like:

Download Free (right click and “Save As”): DabangBand-PigOverSeoul(2002).zip

Dabang Band Personnel:

  • Myoung Jae Yi: guitars & leading vocals
  • Sung Hwan Jung: bass
  • Thai Iv: on drums, backing vocals.
  • Gord Sellar: saxophones (t/s), backing vocals, spoken word (track 8)

Guest Personnel:

  • Hyo Sang Yoon: slide guitar (track 10)
  • Dae Gwi Hwang: guitar (track 9) 


Copyright Information:

Music & Lyrics for all songs except “Shivji and the Ecstasy of Butter and Fire” © Dabang Band 2002.
Music for “Shivji and the Ecstasy of Butter and Fire” © Dabang Band 2002.
Lyrics for “Shivji and the Ecstasy of Butter and Fire” © Gord Sellar 2000, originally published in Matrix Magazine 59 (Montreal, 2001).

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