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Park Geunhong’s Indie World: Someone Remembers

August 12, 2014 / by gordsellar

It’s nice to know someone out there remembers:

I’m not sure Park Geunhong is, but he seems to be the cohost of an indie music program on Korean radio. Anyway, he mentioned Dabang Band on his show back in February 2014.

He has some of his details mixed up, which isn’t surprising after so much time has passed, though there was plenty of misinformation at the time, too. Anyway, he seems to think I’m a Canadian “from the States”; he correctly remembers that Thai was from the States, and Sung Hwan was from Jeonju, but doesn’t mention that Myoung Jae is from Australia.

He mentions that the band made three albums, and then disbanded just as it was starting to get well-known. He also talks a lot about the novelty of a saxophone in a rock band, which wasn’t very common then, though expanded instrumentation has become much more common in Korean indie music during in the years since.

The discussion finishes with the song “Green Leaves,” from the album Product, which for me is interesting since it’s the only track where any of my flute doubling ended up in the final mix.

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